1,000 Game Full Chemistry Cards

FIFA 18/19 Concept

After a player plays 1,000 games for your club, the player’s card gets upgraded to a special 'Full Chemistry Card', giving it the same chemistry capabilities as Icons, meaning their card will link with any player in any league and of any nationality.


My thought is this would give FIFA players the incentive as well as a reward for playing a lot of games on Ultimate Team, but mostly to give the user the chance to integrate their favourite players, or their best players, into a single team, or their 'Ultimate Team', some of which might play in a minor league, or have a nationality that's hard to link with.


For example, one of my favourite ever players is Tomas Rosicky, but without fellow Czech players or a few Icons, I can't really get him in any team of mine, but this concept would allow me to put him in any team without having to worry about chemistry.

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