Free YouTube Banner Photoshop Templates

Here is my ever-growing collection of free-to-use YouTube Banner Photoshop Template Packs.
Use Adobe Photoshop to edit the templates - If you don't have access to Photoshop, you can either sign up for a free 30 day trial, or you can use the plain versions I've provided in the packs & put your own name on top of them using any photo editor.

Click the buttons below the images to download the free templates; or view them all on my Sellfy store.


5 Templates/5 Plain

Vibrant 2

8 Templates/8 Plain


8 Templates/8 Plain


6 Templates

Polygon 2


Plain Polygon

12 Plain

Abstract Lightning

10 Templates/10 Plain


5 Templates/5 Plain

Hexagon Bevel

8 Templates/8 Plain

Geometric Lines

6 Templates/6 Plain

Geometric Lines 2

5 Templates/5 Plain


2 Templates/2 Plain

Textured Metal

6 Templates/6 Plain

Glass Blinds

4 Templates/4 Plain


1 Template/1 Plain

More coming soon!